Our key features

The Insp-Ex tool makes the inspections easier than ever before. With these key features, the inspectors / inspection agencies / companies who utilize Insp-Ex will save on average of 30-60% time and money compared to traditional hardcopy based inspection.

punch lists

A generated list of non-compliances/failures, actionable outputs helping you to organize rectifications, maintenance, repairs, planning, and shutdowns/turnarounds.


integrated questions

Integrated Ex-Standard questions, records and forms from IEC / EN / UL 60079 & and ISO 80079 help you to make accurate inspections.


fully customizable

Customizable inspection tasks at any level: Project Coordinator (Project), Engineer (Workpack), or Field Inspector (Equipment).

Main screen
Sub-equipments screen
Inspection screen

digitalization & 100% auditable

No need for printing, scanning, pens, or pencils. All tasks and actions are tracked, fully auditable, and assigned to specific users.



With one single click you can easily import all your existing data, make inspections, share work with your collegues and generate a full report to your client.


complete traceability

Lifetime tracking with timestamps, digital signatures, and pictures in one complete documentation. Inspection Test Reports, Ex Verification Dossier

How it works


Boost up Your performance

"Your inspections can be boosted up with the Insp-Ex application."

With the Insp-Ex You can be work on the field in a more efficient way. You don’t need to make your notes with sheets or a bulk of papers. Add the inspection details directly into the Insp-Ex and it makes You the Inspection Test Riport and the Verification Dossier.


Do more in less time

"If You have an intelligent assistant, Your job will be shorter."

Without duplicated work, You will free a lot of time. You don’t have to do the job twice. Just put every piece of information into the Insp-Ex and, the rest of the work will be complete. The only thing You have to do to send the documents to Your partner.

Visual assistance at every level

"Use the help of the visualization in Your work."

In the Insp-Ex You can attach media files on almost every level of Your work. Use the Hazardous Area Classification Drawing to identify the Zones You have to work in. Take pictures of the equipment faults or upload documentation, You want to use while You inspect.

Together Everyone Achieves More

"Every member of a team can use the Insp-Ex simultaneously on the same project."

You can split the workload within a team with the distribution of the equipment. Every member of the inspector team can be work separately at the same time. After the inspections, the team-leader can merge the results into one project. The merged documentation with pictures, punch lists, and inspection details can be sent to the Client.

Pricing and Packages

For 1-click full compliance and effortless documentation, chose one of our PRO packages, and enjoy Insp-Ex's automatically generated complete Ex-Documentation!

We would like to gift our loyal customers and partners. Therefore we offer three different pricing packages. The more You buy, the more You save. You can download our Insp-Ex application from your Store, and You can make there the subscriptions. But if You would like, You can pay via bank transfer.

Please check our packages.

Free Trial

$0/ month


  • Unlimited Equipment and Inspections
  • Limited Documentation & PDF export
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$25/ month

Digitalize individual inspections

  • Integrated standards ATEX, iECEX, AEx
  • Up-to-date data accessible at any time, from anywhere
  • Smart asset identification
  • Photos, documentation, and equipment history
  • Automatically generated documentation
  • Unlimited number of assets
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12 month PPREMIUM

$70/ month

Asset management with lifetime tracking

  • Insp-Ex Desktop +
  • Complete lifetime tracking system for your assets
  • All documentation and equipment history at one place
  • Unlimited Equipment and Inspections
  • Accessible anytime from anywhere
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we keep in safe your datas? What systems you can use with the Insp-Ex? Here you can find the answers to most of the questions you may have about the app.

Why to subscripbe for PRO membership?

Although the free trial enables you to do inspections in the application, it does not give you the automated documentation function. With the PRO packages, you will have access to a comprehensive and complete Ex-Documentation automatically generated for your projects. Insp-Ex PRO gives you:

  • Ex-Verification Dossier: a proof of evidence of hazardous area compliance (IEC 60079-14 4.2)
  • Inspection Test Report (ITR) for each piece of equipment: Serves as the proof of inspection results and a tool for lifetime tracking
  • Punch-list: a list of all errors/non-compliances, helps you organizing maintenances, repairs, and planning shutdowns/turnarounds
  • Pictures linked to equipment and faults for flawless monitoring and follow-up
  • Ex-Register: all your project's data in one place

How do I register to Insp-Ex?

The registration process is simple and fast. You are just a few clicks away from boosting up the performance of your inspections.

  • Click on Sign up now at the bottom of the login screen to go to the registration screen.
  • Enter the verification code and click on the Verify code button.
  • Once your e-mail address is verified, you can enter your desired password and give your name to complete the registration.
  • Click on the Create button to finish registration and start using Insp-Ex.

is it possible to change the inspection’s flow type after choosing Guided or Advanced type

If you have started an inspection, you can stop and change the form (guided or advanced) at any time.

  • Just stop the inspection by clicking on the Back button.
  • Click OK on the dialog box asking if you are sure to interrupt the inspection.
  • It will bring you back to the Equipment page and show you an unfinished inspection.
  • Click on the inspection to continue and click on the Advanced/Guided button to choose the form you would like to use. It will keep all the previously entered data, and you can continue/modify your work.

Why is Insp-Ex better than any other review software?

It is faster - ready for work after the first settings of the project. You can make photos of the equipment and attach them immediately.

Is there a lot to do after the inspection?

No. After the setting of the project and the workpacks you can make almost every tasks: error registration, image capture and pairing.

On which hardware can Insp-Ex be used?

You can use Insp-Ex on Android and Windows and the development of usage on iOS is in progress.

What kind of document can I get after the inspection?

The free version of Insp-Ex give you a watermarked PDF. The upgrade version give a PDF(ITR), ExVerification Dossier, Punchlist, Ex Register, Inspection Test Report.

Can the Insp-Ex guarantee the secret of datas?

Application stores the data in encrypted database on the phone.

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